The Yale journal of biology and medicine

(ISSN: 0044-0086, 1551-4056)

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From The Yale journal of biology and medicine

2023 - 96 (2)

  • Epigenetic Inheritance and Transgenerational Environmental Justice. 
  • The Economics of Scientific Publishing. 
  • The Climate Change Conversation: Understanding Nationwide Medical Education Efforts. 
  • Exacerbation of Renal, Cardiovascular, and Respiratory Outcomes Associated with Changes in Climate. 
  • Positive Association of Aggression with Ambient Temperature. 
  • The Planetary Benefit of Suspending USMLE Step 2 CS: Estimating Carbon Emissions Associated with US Medical Students' Travel to Testing Centers. 
  • Considering Sun Safety Policies in the United States. 
  • Promoting Sustainability Practices in the Outpatient Pediatric Setting. 
  • Climate Change Imperils Pediatric Health: Child Advocacy Through Fossil Fuel Divestment. 
  • Coffee, Citrus, and Alcohol: A Review of What We Drink and How it May Affect our Risk for Skin Cancer. 
  • Changing Degrees: Incorporating the Impacts of Climate Change on Health into Pediatric Residency Education and Practice. 
  • Eco-emotions and Psychoterratic Syndromes: Reshaping Mental Health Assessment Under Climate Change. 

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