Revue medicale de Liege

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2020 - 75 (12)

  • [Management of strictures of the male urethra]. 
  • [Frailty syndrome : a major concept in the prevention of geriatric syndromes]. 
  • [Efficacy of macro-clips for perforations and fistulas following endoscopic or surgical procedures. Retrospective analysis of 25 consecutive cases]. 
  • [Osteosynthesis for proximal humeral fractures : plate or nail ? Results of a retrospective monocentric study]. 
  • [Use of honey dressings in wound healing]. 
  • [Iron deficiency in adults : to understand what biological evaluation should be carried out]. 
  • [Merycism : when humain being starts ruminating]. 
  • [Left ventricular non-compaction : diagnosis and management]. 
  • [Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease : a pediatric perspective]. 
  • [Emergency contraception : practical guideline]. 
  • [Cervical spondylolysis : a rare fortuitous finding]. 
  • [Acute neonatal osteomyelitis, an incidental life-changing diagnosis]. 
  • [Image of the month: Severe hydrocephalus in a child withcongenitalmyotonic dystrophy X]. 

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