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2020 - 123 (6)

  • The Foot-in-the-Door Phenomenon 40 and 50 Years Later: A Direct Replication of the Original Freedman and Fraser Study in Poland and in Ukraine. 
  • Attentional Avoidance of Historically Relevant, Task-Irrelevant Facial Affect: Past Depression, Interpersonal Characteristics, and Ethnicity. 
  • Direct and Indirect Effects of Trait and State Gratitude on Health-Related Quality of Life in a Prospective Design. 
  • Higher Emotional Awareness Is Associated With Reduced Pain in Irritable Bowel Syndrome Patients: Preliminary Results. 
  • Schizotypal Tendencies Are Positively Associated With Self-Talk Frequency. 
  • Self-Construal Differences in Chile and South Korea: A Brief Report. 
  • Impact of an Empathy Training Program on Children's Perspective-Taking Abilities. 
  • Examining the Factor Structure and Psychometric Properties of the Chinese Version of the Life Orientation Test in Older Chinese Immigrants. 
  • Preliminary Verification of Instructional Humor Processing Theory: Mediators Between Instructor Humor and Student Learning. 
  • How Gender and Political Will Affect Employees' Social Network Embeddedness. 
  • Effects of Leader Motivating Language on Employee Task and Contextual Performance: The Mediating Role of Feedback Quality. 
  • Dimensional Structure of the Arabic Positive Affect and Negative Affect Scale Adapted From its English Form. 
  • Effect of Parent-Child Attachment on College Students' Social Anxiety: A Moderated Mediation Model. 
  • Realism and Resilience: An Inquiry Into the Helpfulness of Adopting an Existential Outlook. 
  • How Workplace Bullying Relates to Facades of Conformity and Work-Family Conflict: The Mediating Role of Psychological Strain. 
  • Retrieval Practice Promotes Pictorial Learning in Children Aged Six to Seven Years. 
  • Career Calling and Job Satisfaction in Army Officers: A Multiple Mediating Model Analysis. 
  • Dual-Task Paradigm Reveals Variation in Left Hemisphere Involvement in Verbal Processing Across the Menstrual Cycle in Normally Cycling Women. 
  • Cognitive, Emotional, and Behavioral Reactions to Snooping: The Role of Attachment Characteristics. 
  • Embodying the Police: The Effects of Enclothed Cognition on Shooting Decisions. 
  • Effectiveness of Categorical Clustering as an Encoding Versus a Retrieval Strategy Among Preschoolers. 
  • Effects of Self-Esteem Threat on Physical Attractiveness Stereotypes. 
  • Active and Passive Facebook Use and Associated Costly Off-line Helping Behavior. 
  • Through a Screen Darkly: Use of Computer-Mediated Communication Predicts Emotional Functioning. 
  • Women Publishing in American Psychological Association Journals: A Gender Analysis of Six Decades. 
  • Emotional Intelligence, Job Satisfaction, Emotional Exhaustion, and Subjective Well-Being in High School Athletic Directors. 
  • Longitudinal Adaptive Pattern Analysis of Child Abuse Victims During Childhood and Adolescence. 
  • Emotional Memory in Oral Contraceptive Users: Negative Stimuli Are More Forgettable. 
  • Effect of Psychological Distance on Intention in Self-Affirmation Theory. 

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