Proceedings. Biological sciences

(ISSN: 0962-8452)

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2021 - 288 (1944)

  • Correction to 'Behavioural hypervolumes of spider communities predict community performance and disbandment'. 
  • Dragondrop: a novel passive mechanism for aerial righting in the dragonfly. 
  • Neural and social correlates of attitudinal brokerage: using the complete social networks of two entire villages. 
  • Mammalian intestinal allometry, phylogeny, trophic level and climate. 
  • Cutting across structural and transcriptomic scales translates time across the lifespan in humans and chimpanzees. 
  • Differences in developmental potential predict the contrasting patterns of dental diversification in characiform and cypriniform fishes. 
  • Sum of fears among intraguild predators drives the survival of green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas) eggs. 
  • How FAIR are plant sciences in the twenty-first century? The pressing need for reproducibility in plant ecology and evolution. 
  • Psychoactive pollution suppresses individual differences in fish behaviour. 
  • Thermal niches of specialized gut symbionts: the case of social bees. 
  • Sociability increases survival of adult female giraffes. 
  • Cell-growth gene expression reveals a direct fitness cost of grazer-induced toxin production in red tide dinoflagellate prey. 
  • No severe genetic bottleneck in a rapidly range-expanding bumblebee pollinator. 
  • Early events in hepatitis B infection: the role of inoculum dose. 
  • Schoolchildren cooperate more successfully with non-kin than with siblings. 
  • The patterns and modes of the evolution of disparity in Mesozoic birds. 
  • Dispersal in heterogeneous environments drives population dynamics and control of tsetse flies. 
  • Traffic noise inhibits cognitive performance in a songbird. 
  • Cost-free lifespan extension via optimization of gene expression in adulthood aligns with the developmental theory of ageing. 
  • Three-dimensional geometric morphometric analysis of the skull of Protoceratops andrewsi supports a socio-sexual signalling role for the ceratopsian frill. 
  • Clarifying the relationship between body size and extinction risk in amphibians by complete mapping of model space. 
  • Were all trilobites fully marine? Trilobite expansion into brackish water during the early Palaeozoic. 
  • Advanced Cambrian hydroid fossils (Cnidaria: Hydrozoa) extend the medusozoan evolutionary history. 
  • Elevated temperature increases genome-wide selection on de novo mutations. 
  • Antifungals, arthropods and antifungal resistance prevention: lessons from ecological interactions. 
  • The demography of extinction in eastern North American birds. 
  • Information overload for (bounded) rational agents. 

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