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2021 - 288 (1945)

  • Intraspecific niche partition without speciation: individual level web polymorphism within a single island spider population. 
  • Group size increases inequality in cooperative behaviour. 
  • Flightlessness in insects enhances diversification and determines assemblage structure across whole communities. 
  • Non-numerical strategies used by bees to solve numerical cognition tasks. 
  • Two-Round Ca2+ transient in papillae by mechanical stimulation induces metamorphosis in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis type A. 
  • Evidence for reduced immune gene diversity and activity during the evolution of termites. 
  • Dietary-based developmental plasticity affects juvenile survival in an aquatic detritivore. 
  • Hydrothermal physiology and climate vulnerability in amphibians. 
  • Tropical mammal functional diversity increases with productivity but decreases with anthropogenic disturbance. 
  • Adaptation reduces competitive dominance and alters community assembly. 
  • After 15 years, no evidence for trophic cascades in marine protected areas. 
  • Sex-specific speed-accuracy trade-offs shape neural processing of acoustic signals in a grasshopper. 
  • Evolutionary biomechanics: hard tissues and soft evidence? 
  • Investment in chemical signalling glands facilitates the evolution of sociality in lizards. 
  • Enhanced problem-solving ability as an adaptation to urban environments in house mice. 
  • Tuna robotics: hydrodynamics of rapid linear accelerations. 

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