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2021 -

  • Childhood and Adolescent Bullying Perpetration and Later Substance Use: A Meta-analysis. 
  • End-of-Life Childhood Cancer Research: A Systematic Review. 
  • Hemolysis and Neurologic Impairment in PAMI Syndrome: Novel Characteristics of an Elusive Disease. 
  • The LETTER of Recommendation: Showcasing a Student's Strengths. 
  • Perspectives on Race and Medicine in the NICU. 
  • 2021 Recommendations for Preventive Pediatric Health Care. 
  • Confidential Screening for Sex Trafficking Among Minors in a Pediatric Emergency Department. 
  • Recommended Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Schedule: United States, 2021. 
  • Remestemcel-L Therapy for COVID-19-Associated Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children. 
  • Severe Acute Neurologic Involvement in Children With Hemolytic-Uremic Syndrome. 
  • Palliative Care Referrals in Cardiac Disease. 
  • Delayed Antibiotic Prescription for Children With Respiratory Infections: A Randomized Trial. 
  • Antibiotics for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections: Now, Later, or Never? 
  • Use of Cognitive Shortcuts in Decision-making for Children With Severe Neurologic Impairment. 
  • Improving Autism Screening and Referrals With Electronic Support and Evaluations in Primary Care. 
  • Improving Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health: Can Mobile Health Interventions Affect Behavior? 
  • An mHealth Intervention for Pregnancy Prevention for LGB Teens: An RCT. 
  • Uncertainty in the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Art of Medicine. 
  • Unremitting Pain and Fever in a 15-Year-Old Boy With Osteomyelitis. 
  • HPV Vaccine Recommendations and Parental Intent. 
  • Improving Influenza Vaccination in Children With Comorbidities: A Systematic Review. 
  • Childhood Lifestyle Choices, Left Ventricular Diastolic Dysfunction, and the Terrific 2. 
  • Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Childhood and Left Ventricular Diastolic Function in Adulthood. 
  • A Quality Improvement Initiative to Reduce Unnecessary Rapid Responses Using Early Warning Scores. 
  • Marijuana Use to Address Symptoms and Side Effects by Youth With Chronic Medical Conditions. 
  • Validation of The Reading House and Association With Cortical Thickness. 
  • Time to First Onset of Chest Binding-Related Symptoms in Transgender Youth. 
  • Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Transmission in Youth and Staff Attending Day Camps. 
  • Recognizing the Importance of Chest Surgery for Transmasculine Youth. 
  • Experience of Chest Dysphoria and Masculinizing Chest Surgery in Transmasculine Youth. 
  • Generational Empathy: An Approach for Addressing Generational Differences. 
  • Abandoning the Term "Voodoo" in Medicine. 
  • Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention: Eliminating Disease and Disparity. 
  • National Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program: 2009-2017. 
  • Concordance of Pre-Procedure Testing With Time of Surgery Testing for SARS-CoV-2 in Children. 
  • Outcomes of Bariatric Surgery in Older Versus Younger Adolescents. 
  • Trends in Dispensed Opioid Analgesic Prescriptions to Children in South Carolina: 2010-2017. 
  • SARS-CoV-2 Transmission Dynamics in a Sleep-Away Camp. 
  • AAP Publications Reaffirmed or Retired. 
  • Acute ANCA Vasculitis and Asymptomatic COVID-19. 
  • Incidence and Secondary Transmission of SARS-CoV-2 Infections in Schools. 
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease Presenting With Concurrent COVID-19 Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome. 

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