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2021 -

  • Impact of vitamin A transport and storage on intestinal retinoid homeostasis and functions. 
  • Plin2 deletion increases cholesteryl ester lipid droplet content and disturbs cholesterol balance in adrenal cortex. 
  • Understanding the underlying molecular pathways by which Mboat7/Lpiat1 depletion induces hepatic steatosis. 
  • Human Variant of Scavenger Receptor BI (R174C) Exhibits Impaired Cholesterol Transport Functions. 
  • Retinoids in the visual cycle: role of the retinal G protein-coupled receptor. 
  • Bisretinoid phospholipid and vitamin A aldehyde: shining a light. 
  • Dietary sphinganine is selectively assimilated by members of the mammalian gut microbiome. 
  • Lipid conformational order and the etiology of cataract and dry eye. 
  • Lipid and metabolic syndrome traits in coronary artery disease: a Mendelian randomization study. 
  • Sphingolipids as critical players in retinal physiology and pathology. 
  • Very long-chain fatty acid-containing lipids: a decade of novel insights from the study of ELOVL4. 
  • Fatty acid oxidation and photoreceptor metabolic needs. 
  • High density lipoprotein-associated miRNA is increased following Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery for severe obesity. 
  • Hepatic deletion of Mboat7 (Lpiat1) causes activation of SREBP-1c and fatty liver. 
  • The emerging roles of the macular pigment carotenoids throughout the lifespan and in prenatal supplementation. 
  • Signaling roles of phosphoinositides in the retina. 
  • Docosanoid signaling modulates corneal nerve regeneration: effect on tear secretion, wound healing, and neuropathic pain. 
  • Suppressing post-collection lysophosphatidic acid (LPA) metabolism improves the precision of plasma LPA quantification. 
  • Generation and validation of a conditional knockout mouse model for Desmosterolosis. 
  • Membrane therapy using DHA suppresses epidermal growth factor receptor signaling by disrupting nanocluster formation. 
  • The lipid substrate preference of CETP controls the biochemical properties of HDL in fat/cholesterol-fed hamsters. 
  • A BOSSS platform: Using functionalized lipids and click chemistry for new discoveries in lipid research. 
  • Perioperative high-density lipoproteins, oxidative stress, and kidney injury after cardiac surgery. 
  • Mass spectrometry imaging of phosphatidylcholine metabolism in lungs administered with therapeutic surfactants and isotopic tracers. 
  • An advanced method for propargylcholine phospholipid detection by direct-infusion mass spectrometry. 

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