The Journal of Emergency Medicine

(ISSN: 0736-4679, 1090-1280)

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From The Journal of Emergency Medicine

2020 -

  • LUCAS II Device for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in a Nonselective Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Population Leads to Worse 30-Day Survival Rate Than Manual Chest Compressions. 
  • Pragmatic Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial on Trigger Point Injections With 1% Lidocaine Versus Conventional Approaches for Myofascial Pain in the Emergency Department. 
  • Characteristics and Prognosis of Patients Who Receive Noninvasive Ventilation and Present Limitation of Life Support Treatment: The LLST-NIVCat Multicenter Cohort Study. 
  • The Comparison of Manual and Mechanical Chest Compression on Survival and Long-Term Neurological Outcome of Nontraumatic Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Patients. 
  • A Pain in the Neck: Pharyngeal Wall Erosion and Extrusion of Endovascular Coils After Endovascular Internal Carotid Artery Pseudoaneurysm Coiling Post-Tonsillectomy. 
  • Relationship Between Institutional Volume of Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Cases and 1-Month Neurologic Outcomes: A Post Hoc Analysis of a Prospective Observational Study.