Journal of consulting and clinical psychology

(ISSN: 0022-006X, 1939-2117)

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From Journal of consulting and clinical psychology

2021 - 89 (1)

  • Long-term efficacy of contingency management treatment based on objective indicators of abstinence from illicit substance use up to 1 year following treatment: A meta-analysis. 
  • Oxytocin synchrony between patients and therapists as a mechanism underlying effective psychotherapy for depression. 
  • A randomized controlled trial examining CBT for college students with ADHD. 
  • Altering preferences for suicide crisis resources using the decoy nudge: Evidence of context-dependent effects in suicide prevention decision making. 
  • Examining suicidal desire through the lens of the three-step theory: A cross-sectional and longitudinal investigation in a community sample. 
  • Modeling individualized trajectories of symptom change to improve feedback procedures in psychotherapy. 

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