Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

(ISSN: 0005-7916, 1873-7943)

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From Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

2021 - 70

  • Will that hurt? A contingency learning task to assess pain-expectancy judgments for low back postures. 
  • The impact of prior and ongoing threat on the false alarm threshold for facial discrimination. 
  • Measuring fear: Association among different measures of fear learning. 
  • I told you it was safe: Associations between intolerance of uncertainty and different parameters of uncertainty during instructed threat of shock. 
  • Desire to drink as a function of laboratory-induced social stress among adolescents. 
  • Reality check: An experimental manipulation of inferential confusion in eating disorders. 
  • Feasibility and efficacy of a digital CBT intervention for symptoms of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A randomized multiple-baseline study. 
  • Is my patient too sad to approach their fear? Depression severity and imaginal exposure outcomes for patients with OCD. 
  • Manipulating avoidance motivation to modulate attention bias for negative information in dysphoria: An eye-tracking study. 
  • Assessment of approach-avoidance tendencies in body image using a novel touchscreen paradigm. 
  • Prospective associations between intelligence, working memory capacity, and intrusive memories of a traumatic film: Potential mediating effects of rumination and memory disorganization. 
  • Social anxiety is associated with heart rate but not gaze behavior in a real social interaction. 
  • Look at me: The relation between empathy and fixation on the emotional eye-region in low vs. high social anxiety. 
  • Pondering on how great I am: Does rumination play a role in grandiose ideas? 
  • Enhancing extinction with response prevention via imagery-based counterconditioning: Results on conditioned avoidance and distress. 
  • Beneficial Effects of Role Reversal in Comparison to role-playing on negative cognitions about Other's Judgments for Social Anxiety Disorder. 

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