Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

(ISSN: 0005-7916, 1873-7943)

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From Journal of behavior therapy and experimental psychiatry

2023 - 79

  • The relationship between psychiatric symptoms and affective forecasting bias. 
  • The effect of brief mindfulness training on the micro-structure of human free-operant responding: Mindfulness affects stimulus-driven responding. 
  • Development and validation of the ambiguous scenario task for perfectionistic concerns for university students. 
  • Can mental imagery boost the effect of the positive cognitive bias modification of interpretation (CBM-I) on interpretation bias and memory bias? 
  • Repetitive negative thinking during ambiguous situations: Interactive roles of looming cognitive style and intolerance of uncertainty. 
  • Visual illusions in young people reporting psychotic-like experiences. 
  • The effectiveness and equivalence of different versions of a brief online Best Possible Self (BPS) manipulation to temporary increase optimism and affect. 
  • Implicit cognitions on self-injurious and suicidal behavior in borderline personality disorder. 
  • Managing emotions in panic disorder: A systematic review of studies related to emotional intelligence, alexithymia, emotion regulation, and coping. 
  • Adding EMDR for PTSD at the onset of treatment of borderline personality disorder: A pilot study. 
  • Individuals fearing positivity do not perceive positive affect treatments as strong fits: A novel experimental finding and replication. 
  • Development and preliminary validation of the treatment adherence rating scale. 
  • Does fear reduction predict treatment response to exposure for social anxiety disorder? 
  • The effects of bilateral stimulation using eye movements on sexual fantasies with follow-up. 
  • If the discrepancy between expectations and actual information is too large, expectation change decreases - A replication study. 
  • Revisiting uncertainty as a felt sense of unsafety: The somatic error theory of intolerance of uncertainty. 
  • Attenuating experimentally acquired disgust: Comparing counterconditioning, exposure and unconditioned stimulus revaluation. 
  • Different retrieval mechanisms of overgeneral autobiographical memory for positive and negative cues in remitted major depressive disorder. 
  • Experimental psychopathology can benefit from registered Reports. 

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