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2021 -

  • Corrigendum to: Epidemiological characteristics of patients with severe COVID-19 infection in Wuhan, China: evidence from a retrospective, observational study. 
  • Erratum to: Mismatch Between Poor Fetal Growth and Rapid Postnatal Weight Gain in the First 2 Years of Life Is Associated with Higher Blood Pressure and Insulin Resistance without Increased Adiposity in Childhood: The GUSTO Cohort Study. 
  • Educational note: Paradoxical collider effect in the analysis of non-communicable disease epidemiological data: a reproducible illustration and web application. 
  • Declining mortality in older people with type 2 diabetes masks rising excess risks at younger ages: a population-based study of all-cause and cause-specific mortality over 13 years. 
  • Healthy ageing for all? Comparisons of socioeconomic inequalities in health expectancies over two decades in the Cognitive Function and Ageing Studies I and II. 
  • Associations of parental birth characteristics with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) risk in their offspring: a population-based multigenerational cohort study in Denmark. 

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