The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants

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From The International journal of oral & maxillofacial implants

2019 - 34 (6)

  • Customized vs Conventional Implant-Supported Immediate Provisional Crowns for Fresh-Socket Implant: A Medium-Term Cone Beam Computed Tomography Study. 
  • Biologic and Technical Complications of Implant-Supported Immediately Loaded Fixed Full-Arch Prostheses: An Evaluation of Up to 6 Years. 
  • Impact of Implant and Site Characteristics on the Pattern of Bone Loss in Peri-implantitis. 
  • Influence of Age and Time Since Edentulism on Masticatory Function and Quality of Life in Implant-Retained Mandibular Overdenture Wearers: 1-year Results from a Paired Clinical Study. 
  • Outcome of Treatment with Single Implants in Preserved Versus Nonpreserved Alveolar Ridges: A 1-year Cohort Study. 
  • Effect of Different Framework Materials in Implant-Supported Fixed Mandibular Prostheses: A Finite Element Analysis. 
  • Comparative Histomorphometric Evaluation of Bone Regeneration with Different Preparations of Xenogeneic Tooth Block Bone. 
  • Bone Formation of Titanium Implant Surfaces Treated with Submicron Poly(lactide-co-glycolide)/Recombinant Human Transforming Growth Factor- β2 Particles by the Electrospray Method: An In Vivo Study. 
  • Effect of Abutment Screw Design and Crown/Implant Ratio on Preload Maintenance of Single-Crown Screw-Retained Implant-Supported Prostheses. 
  • Effects of Mechanical Instrumentation with Commercially Available Instruments Used in Supportive Peri-implant Therapy: An In Vitro Study. 
  • Impact of Implant Length on Survival of Rough-Surface Implants in Nonaugmented Posterior Areas: A Systematic Review and Meta-Regression Analysis. 
  • Histologic and Biomechanical Evaluation of Osseointegrated Miniscrew Implants Treated with Ozone Therapy and Photobiomodulation at Different Loading Times. 
  • Influence of Different Cleaning Procedures on Tensile Bond Strength Between Zirconia Abutment and Titanium Base. 
  • Effect of Peri-implant Keratinized Tissue Width on Tissue Health and Stability: Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. 
  • In Vitro and Ex Vivo Evaluation of a Novel Guided Drill System for Bone-Anchored Hearing Implants. 
  • Titanium Implant Characteristics After Implantoplasty: An In Vitro Study on Two Different Kinds of Instrumentation. 
  • Critical Peri-implant Buccal Bone Wall Thickness Revisited: An Experimental Study in the Beagle Dog. 
  • Masticatory function of immediately loaded two-implant mandibular overdentures: A 5-year prospective study. 
  • Autogenous Bone Ring Transplant vs Autologous Growth Factor-Enriched Bone Graft Matrix In Extraction Sockets With Deficient Buccal Bone: A Comparative Clinical Study. 
  • Four-implant-supported fixed prosthesis and milled bar overdentures for rehabilitation of the edentulous mandible: A 1-year randomized controlled clinical and radiographic study. 
  • Impact of well-controlled type 2 diabetes mellitus on implant stability and bone biomarkers. 
  • Biomechanical Evaluation of Zygomatic Implant Use in Patients With Different Buccal Maxillary Defect Levels. 
  • The Effect Of Tapered And Cylindrical Implants On Stress Distribution In Different Bone Qualities: A Finite Element Analysis. 
  • Narrow-diameter implants in the anterior region: A meta-analysis. 

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