Journal of Oncology Practice

(ISSN: 1554-7477,1935-469X)

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From Journal of Oncology Practice

2019 -

  • Lay Health Worker-Led Cancer Symptom Screening Intervention and the Effect on Patient-Reported Satisfaction, Health Status, Health Care Use, and Total Costs: Results From a Tri-Part Collaboration. 
  • Are National Comprehensive Cancer Network Evidence Block Affordability Ratings Representative of Real-World Costs? An Evaluation of Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. 
  • "My Family Wants Something Different": Discordance in Perceived Personal and Family Treatment Preference and Its Association With Do-Not-Resuscitate Order Placement. 
  • Role of Patient and Disease Factors in Adjuvant Systemic Therapy Decision Making for Early-Stage Breast Cancer: Update Summary of ASCO Cancer Care Ontario Guideline Endorsement. 
  • Integration of a Mandatory Palliative Care Education Into Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Training in a Comprehensive Cancer Center: A Survey of Hematology Oncology Fellows. 

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Mission Statement: The Journal of Oncology Practice (JOP) provides necessary information and insights to keep oncology practice current on changes and challenges inherent in delivering quality oncology care.