Zhonghua bing li xue za zhi Chinese journal of pathology

(ISSN: 0529-5807)

Table of Contents

2017 - 46 (9)

  • [Progress in molecular mechanism of Epstein-Barr virus driving cell cycle and promoting oncogenesis]. 
  • [Hereditary cancer syndromes in female reproductive system: an overview]. 
  • [New applications of "old" antibodies in diagnostic pathology]. 
  • [Primary pulmonary alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma: report of a case]. 
  • [Composite CD20-positive T-cell lymphoma and peripheral T-cell lymphoma, NOS: report of a case]. 
  • [Thyroid-like follicular renal cell carcinoma with extramedullary hematopoiesis: report of a case]. 
  • [Multiple cutaneous erythematous lesions]. 
  • [Clinicopathologic and prognosis features of Claudin-low breast cancers]. 
  • [Expression of C3d in normal human liver tissues with non-immunologic osmostic mechanism]. 
  • [Differential expression and clinical significance of calretinin in total colonic aganglionosis]. 
  • [Pathologic subtyping of primary lymphoma of breast and prognostic analysis]. 
  • [Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma in children and adolescents: a clinicopathologic study of 5 cases]. 
  • [Primary mediastinal large B-cell lymphoma: a clinicopathologic study of 27 cases]. 
  • [Lymphomatoid papulosis: a clinicopathologic analysis and whole exome sequencing]. 
  • [Comments on the TNM classification for the Vater ampullary cancer in the Cancer Staging Manual (eighth edition) of American Joint Committee on Cancer]. 
  • [Current status and prospect of artificial intelligence in pathology]. 
  • [Clinicopathologic study of follicular lymphoma with features of Castleman's disease]. 

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