Health economics

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From Health economics

2021 -

  • Monitoring institutions in healthcare markets: Experimental evidence. 
  • How does losing health insurance affect disability claims? Evidence from the Affordable Care Act's dependent care mandate. 
  • Sample restrictions and the elicitation of a constant willingness to pay per quality adjusted life year. 
  • Effect of air pollution on health care expenditure: Evidence from respiratory diseases. 
  • Instrumental variable-based assessment of the effect of psychotherapy on suicide attempts, health, and economic outcomes in schizophrenia. 
  • Epidemics and trust: The case of the Spanish Flu. 
  • Child labor and psychosocial wellbeing: Findings from India. 
  • Divided by choice? For-profit providers, patient choice and mechanisms of patient sorting in the English National Health Service. 
  • The link between health and economic preferences: Evidence from 22 OECD countries. 
  • Prices and market power in mental health care: Evidence from a major policy change in the Netherlands. 
  • Does increasing health care access reduce disability insurance caseloads? Evidence from the rural United States. 
  • Impact of social accountability monitoring on health facility performance: Evidence from Tanzania. 
  • The impact of mental health parity laws on birth outcomes. 
  • The intergenerational effects of socioeconomic inequality on unhealthy bodyweight. 
  • How do hospitals respond to cross price incentives inherent in diagnosis-related groups systems? The importance of substitution in the market for sepsis conditions. 

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