Archivio italiano di urologia, andrologia

(ISSN: 1124-3562)

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2020 - 91 (4)

  • Detection of significant left renal artery stenosis caused by fibromuscular dysplasia with selective angiography. 
  • Right open nephrectomy under combined spinal and peridural operative anesthesia and analgesia (CSE): A new anesthetic approach in abdominal surgery. 
  • Solitary prostatic cancer metastasis to the testis: A case report and lessons to learn. 
  • Renal autotransplantation: A final option to preserve the kidney after an iatrogenic ureteral injury. 
  • Preputial circumcision performed with a new mechanical stapling tool. The "langhe disposable circumcision suture device". Preliminary experiences. 
  • The association of Boswellia resin extract and propolis derived polyphenols can improve quality of life in patients affected by prostatitis-like symptoms. 
  • Evaluation of sexual dysfunction prevalence in infertile men with non-obstructive azoospermia. 
  • Clinical and psychological outcomes of patients undergoing Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery and Miniaturised Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy for kidney stones. A preliminary study. 
  • Does duration of stenting increase the risk of clinical infection? 
  • Is Fast Track protocol a safe tool to reduce hospitalization time after radical cystectomy with ileal urinary diversion? Initial results from a single high-volume centre. 
  • Effect of body mass and physical activity at younger age on the risk of prostatic enlargement and erectile dysfunction: Results from the 2018 #Controllati survey. 
  • "In-bore" MRI prostate biopsy is a safe preoperative clinical tool to exclude significant prostate cancer in symptomatic patients with benign prostatic obstruction before transurethral laser enucleation. 
  • Lesion location agreement between prostatic multiparametric magnetic resonance, cognitive fusion biopsy and radical prostatectomy piece. 
  • MRI/TRUS FUSION guided biopsy as first approach in ambulatory setting: Feasibility and performance of a new fusion device. 
  • Efficacy and safety of Finasteride (5 alpha-reductase inhibitor) monotherapy in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia: A critical review of the literature. 

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