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2019 -

  • Muscular atrophy, after measles, in three members of a family. By J.A. Ormerod, M.D. Brain (October) 1884; 7 (part XXVII): 334-342; with The peroneal type of progressive muscular atrophy. By Howard H. Tooth, M.A, M.D., M.R.C.P (H.K Lewis, London). 1886; pages 44: with Critical Digests. Recent observations on progressive muscular atrophy. By H. H. Tooth, M.D. Brain (July) 1887; 10 (part XXXVIII): 243-253; with The peroneal form or leg-type of progressive muscular atrophy. By B. Sachs, M.D. (New York). Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases in the New York Polyclinic, Brain 1890; 12: 447-459. 

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