Biological psychiatry

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From Biological psychiatry

2021 - 89 (6)

  • Dissecting Genetically Regulated Gene Expression in Major Depression. 
  • "Bone" in the Brain? Osteocalcin-Expressing Neurons in Adult Hippocampus Promote Neurogenesis and Suppress Anxiety. 
  • Anti-inflammatory Potential of Maternal Diet During Pregnancy: A Promise to Promote the Mental Health of Children. 
  • Research Into Early Immune System Activity and Later Psychological Distress: Promises and Challenges Ahead. 
  • Shared and Anxiety-Specific Pediatric Psychopathology Dimensions Manifest Distributed Neural Correlates. 
  • Dietary Quality and Dietary Inflammatory Potential During Pregnancy and Offspring Emotional and Behavioral Symptoms in Childhood: An Individual Participant Data Meta-analysis of Four European Cohorts. 
  • Cord Serum Cytokines at Birth and Children's Anxiety-Depression Trajectories From 3 to 8 Years: The EDEN Mother-Child Cohort. 
  • Delineating the Genetic Component of Gene Expression in Major Depression. 
  • Associations Between Maternal Lifetime Stress and Placental Mitochondrial DNA Mutations in an Urban Multiethnic Cohort. 
  • Transcription Factor TWIST1 Integrates Dendritic Remodeling and Chronic Stress to Promote Depressive-like Behaviors. 
  • Critical Roles of Embryonic Born Dorsal Dentate Granule Neurons for Activity-Dependent Increases in BDNF, Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis, and Antianxiety-like Behaviors. 
  • Negative Parenting Affects Adolescent Internalizing Symptoms Through Alterations in Amygdala-Prefrontal Circuitry: A Longitudinal Twin Study. 
  • Histamine H3 Receptor Function Biases Excitatory Gain in the Nucleus Accumbens. 

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