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  • Where Next for The Endoscope?
    The authors trace the origins and development of endoscopic technology, from "resectoscope" to modern devices for virtual and capsule endoscopy.

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2018 -

  • Prostate cancer: Solo PSA test does not lower mortality. 
  • Prostate MRI can be accurate but can variability be reduced? 
  • Meeting report: Lisbon provides Port in a storm for WMSM. 
  • Prostate cancer: A novel mechanism of neuroendocrine transdifferentiation. 
  • Prostate cancer: Radiosensitized by STAT5 blockade. 
  • Reproductive medicine: Walk, don't run: a case study of frozen embryo transfers. 
  • Sexual dysfunction and male infertility. 
  • Development: MAZ mediates urogenital development. 
  • Andrology: Ibuprofen and hypogonadism - bench to bedside to misinterpreted hype? 
  • Kidney cancer: ccrcc1-4 classification for prediction of relapse. 
  • Testicular cancer: No major predisposition gene in TGCT. 
  • Prostate cancer: Mouse model for testing treatments. 
  • Testicular cancer: Serum miRNA predicts viable postchemotherapy lesions. 
  • Urinary incontinence: Electrical stimulation for OAB. 
  • Prostate cancer: Circulating tumour cells in prostate cancer. 
  • Prostate cancer: Molecular lymph node analysis for prognostication. 
  • Bladder cancer: Mechanisms of anti-PDL1 resistance. 
  • Prostate cancer: AR-Vs not predictive in mCRPC. 
  • Position paper: Rationale for the treatment of children with CCSK in the UMBRELLA SIOP-RTSG 2016 protocol. 
  • Clinical implications of PTEN loss in prostate cancer. 
  • Prostate cancer: Numeracy and understanding of risk reduction of PSA screening. 
  • Cellular plasticity and the neuroendocrine phenotype in prostate cancer. 
  • A stage-dependent link between metabolic syndrome components and incident prostate cancer. 
  • Kidney cancer: PDL1 as a biomarker in high-risk RCC. 
  • Prostate cancer: Genomic drivers of resistance to AR therapies. 
  • Stones: Individual gut microbiome in nephrolithiasis. 
  • Potentiating prostate cancer immunotherapy with oncolytic viruses. 
  • Bladder cancer: BBN mouse model mimics human MIBC. 
  • The potential of 3D printing in urological research and patient care. 
  • Repairing the female pelvic floor: when good enough is not good enough. 
  • Prostate cancer: Race and prostate cancer personalized medicine: the future. 
  • Stones: MET for distal ureteral calculi: not all stones are created equal. 

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