Archives of internal medicine

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2012 - 172 (21)

  • In this issue of archives of internal medicine. 
  • Freedom to innovate: the perils of centralized medical research-reply. 
  • Lactobacilli vs Antibiotics to Prevent Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections: An Inconclusive, Not Inferior, Outcome-Reply. 
  • Infecting the electrocardiogram-discussion. 
  • Administrative databases and trends in in-hospital deaths in pulmonary embolism. 
  • Freedom to innovate: the perils of centralized medical research. 
  • Lactobacilli vs antibiotics to prevent recurrent urinary tract infections: an inconclusive, not inferior, outcome. 
  • Smoking among hospitalized patients: another opportunity to improve patients' health. 
  • Prevalence and predictors of smoking by inpatients during a hospital stay. 
  • Journey to eliminating health care disparities: the urgency of affirming values within our patients, profession, health care system, and society. 
  • The effect of values affirmation on race-discordant patient-provider communication. 
  • The skinny on obesity and end-stage renal disease. 
  • Body mass index in 1.2 million adolescents and risk for end-stage renal disease. 
  • Myocardial infarction and sudden cardiac death in Olmsted County, Minnesota, before and after smoke-free workplace laws. 
  • Extending the health benefits of clean indoor air policies. 
  • Persistence with therapy among patients treated with warfarin for atrial fibrillation. 
  • Diabetes mellitus nutrition therapy: beyond the glycemic index. 
  • Effect of legumes as part of a low glycemic index diet on glycemic control and cardiovascular risk factors in type 2 diabetes mellitus: a randomized controlled trial. 
  • Will newer anticoagulants improve therapy persistence? 
  • Failure of clinical practice guidelines to meet institute of medicine standards: Two more decades of little, if any, progress. 
  • Cost-effectiveness of enhanced depression care after acute coronary syndrome: results from the Coronary Psychosocial Evaluation Studies randomized controlled trial. 
  • Coping with rising health care costs. 
  • Stability of active ingredients in long-expired prescription medications. 
  • New drugs and safety: what happened to new active substances approved in Canada between 1995 and 2010? 
  • Telemedicine and retinal imaging for improving diabetic retinopathy evaluation. 
  • Diagnosing lyme disease: getting the details right. 
  • The promise of primary care-based screening for diabetic retinopathy: the devil will be in the details. 

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