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2012 - 69 (12)

  • This month in archives of general psychiatry. 
  • Psychotic symptoms in adolescence index risk for suicidal behavior: findings from 2 population-based case-control clinical interview studies. 
  • Prefrontal cortical deficits in type 1 diabetes mellitus: brain correlates of comorbid depression. 
  • Clinical and functional outcome of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 33 years later. 
  • Differential mental health effects of neighborhood relocation among youth in vulnerable families: results from a randomized trial. 
  • Highly penetrant alterations of a critical region including BDNF in human psychopathology and obesity. 
  • Parametric modulation of neural activity by emotion in youth with bipolar disorder, youth with severe mood dysregulation, and healthy volunteers. 
  • From perception to functional outcome in schizophrenia: modeling the role of ability and motivation. 
  • Neural correlates of weight gain with olanzapine. 
  • Improvement of brain reward abnormalities by antipsychotic monotherapy in schizophrenia. 
  • Birth cohort effects on adolescent alcohol use: the influence of social norms from 1976 to 2007. 
  • A system-level transcriptomic analysis of schizophrenia using postmortem brain tissue samples. 
  • National trends in the office-based treatment of children, adolescents, and adults with antipsychotics. 

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