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The American Journal of Kidney Diseases (AJKD), the official journal of the National Kidney Foundation, is recognized worldwide as a leading source of information devoted to clinical nephrology practice and clinical research. Articles selected for publication in AJKD must adhere to rigorous standards, supporting the journal's goal to communicate important new information in clinical nephrology in a way that strengthens knowledge and helps physicians to provide their patients with the highest standard of care.

Each issue of AJKD includes a mix of research findings and educational content. Original Investigations-fully reviewed not only by peer reviewers but also by statistics experts to ensure validity-describe the latest findings related to pathogenesis and treatment of kidney disease, hypertension, acid-base and electrolyte disorders, dialysis therapies, and kidney transplantation. Case Reports highlight new diseases, novel presentations, and potential therapeutic strategies. In addition, AJKD's rich array of educational and special interest features includes narrative reviews, editorials, teaching cases, quizzes, and articles focusing on translational research, clinical practice, and socioeconomic aspects of kidney disease and treatment.

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