American Journal of Epidemiology

(ISSN: 0002-9262, 1476-6256)

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Table of Contents

2021 - 190 (1)

  • A Likelihood Ratio Test for Gene-Environment Interaction Based on the Trend Effect of Genotype Under an Additive Risk Model Using the Gene-Environment Independence Assumption. 
  • Evidence for Increased Susceptibility to Breast Cancer From Exposure to Ionizing Radiation Due to a Familial History of Breast Cancer: Results From the Swedish Hemangioma Cohort. 
  • Invited Commentary: Biomarkers for Mortality Among Individuals With a History of Out-of-Home Care-Implications for Study Design and Conceptualizations of Risk. 
  • Cadmium Exposure and Ovarian Reserve in Women Aged 35-49 Years: The Impact on Results From the Creatinine Adjustment Approach Used to Correct for Urinary Dilution. 

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About the Publication: The American Journal of Epidemiology is the premier epidemiological journal devoted to the publication of empirical research findings, methodological developments in the field of epidemiological research and opinion pieces.