Expert Review of Hematology

(ISSN: 1747-4086)

Mission Statement

Expert Review of Hematology provides commentary and analysis to elucidate best clinical practice in hematology and to translate advances in research - in areas such as immunology, stem cell research, and cell and gene therapy - into the clinical context.

The Expert Review format is unique. Each review provides a complete overview of current thinking in a key area of research or clinical practice. This comprehensive coverage is augmented by:

Expert Commentary - a personal view on the most effective or promising strategies
Five-year view - a clear perspective of future prospects within a realistic time scale
Key issues - an executive summary cutting to the author's most critical points

Articles are subject to peer-review by three independent referees on a double-blind basis. Authors publishing in the journal are asked to disclose any professional or financial interest that may be perceived as causing a conflict of interest in the context of the article.

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