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From Pakistan journal of pharmaceutical sciences

2022 - 35 (6)

  • Dry ripe fruit of Aegle marmelos as anti-ulcer agent against ethanol induced gastric mucosal injury. 
  • Pollen typhae total flavone suppresses A7r5 cell proliferation promoted by insulin involving the MEK1/2-ERK1/2 cascades. 
  • Hepatoprotective activity of Ipomoea staphylina againsts d-glan/lps-induced acute hepatic failure in experimental rats. 
  • Inhibition of drug induced Parkinsonism by chronic supplementation of quercetin in haloperidol-treated wistars. 
  • Flavonoids accelerate wound healing of pressure sore by promoting angiogenesis: Potential mechanism. 
  • Development of a new rapid, economical and eco-friendly HPLC method for in vitro and in vivo determination of zolmitriptan. 
  • The protective effects of qihuang jianpi zishen decoction on mrl/lpr mice and its mechanism. 
  • Supplementation of unleavened flat-bread with lotus root powder exhibits promising antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects: A study involving biochemical and in vivo approach. 
  • Anti-cancer activity of phytochemicals extracted from Urtica pilulifera on Hela cells. 
  • Evaluation of carbapenem antimicrobial stewardship program at a tertiary care hospital: A prospective interventional study. 
  • Antihypertensive action of Launaea taraxacifolia and its molecular mechanism of action. 
  • Formulation and evaluation of antiviral drug sofosbuvir fast dissolving tablets using natural super disintegrants. 
  • Preparation and evaluation of a propolis ointment for skin nourishing and healing. 
  • Lovastatin inhibits the proliferation of human cervical cancer hela cells through the regulation of tp53 pathway by mir-92a-1-5p. 
  • Anti-inflammatory potential of spectroscopically analyzed trans-13-octadecenoic acid of Yucca elephantipes Regel roots: in-vitro and in-vivo analysis. 
  • Effect of different carriers on in vitro dissolution behavior and physicochemical characterization of glycyrrhetinic acid solid dispersions. 
  • Structure-based virtual screening and molecular docking of drugs against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-ACE2 receptor complex. 
  • Effect of evodiamine on cell death pathways in human gastric cancer cells. 
  • Blood pressure lowering effect of selected pyrimidine derivatives mediated through inhibition of calcium channel: A computational approach. 
  • Study on the controlled release and synergistic anti-oxidant activity in vitro and ex vivo of ligustrazine hydrochloride encapsulated into liposomes. 
  • Pharmacological effects of Raphanus caudatus in inflammation and hematopoitic system: an in vitro and in vivo investigation. 
  • Dissolution enhancement of olmesartan medoxomil through polymer-based surface solid dispersion and solidified surfactant techniques. 

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