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JNCCN is dedicated to improving the quality of cancer care locally, nationally, and internationally while enhancing the collaboration between academic medicine and the community physician. JNCCN is further committed to disseminating information across the cancer care continuum by publishing clinical practice guidelines and reporting rigorous outcomes data collected and analyzed by experts from the world’s leading care centers. JNCCN also provides a forum for original research and review papers focusing on clinical and translational research and applications of the NCCN Guidelines in everyday practice, as well as correspondence and commentary.

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Manuscripts, correspondence, and commentaries to be considered for publication should be sent to Kimberly Callan, Director of NCCN Publications, JNCCN, 275 Commerce Drive, Suite 300, Fort Washington, PA 19034; or e-mail Correspondence can also be faxed: 215-690-0283 (attn: JNCCN). Questions about requirements for publication or topic suitability can be directed as above or to Harold J. Burstein, MD, PhD, Editor-in-Chief, JNCCN, 275 Commerce Drive, Suite 300, Fort Washington, PA 19304; or e-mail

Instructions for authors are published in JNCCN as space allows and can be found on-line at They can also be requested by calling 215-690-0270 or e-mailing

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