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2023 - 23 (1)

  • Analysis of factors associated with operative difficulty in thoracoscopic esophageal cancer surgery in the left-decubitus position: a single-center retrospective study. 
  • Correction to: Preserving or peeling the inferior mesenteric arterial sheath during laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery: a prospective study of surgical outcomes. 
  • Mesorectal reconstruction with pedicled greater omental transplantation to relieve low anterior resection syndrome following total intersphincteric resection in patients with ultra-low rectal cancer. 
  • The reconstruction of fingertip injury by mini hallux toenail flap pedicled with the hallux transverse artery and toe pulp vein transplantation technique based on the equivalent design theory. 
  • A comparative study between high ligation of the inter-sphincteric fistula tract via lateral Approach Versus Fistulotomy and primary sphincteroplasty in High Trans-Sphincteric Fistula-in-Ano: a randomized clinical trial. 
  • Short- and long-term outcomes of single-port versus multiport laparoscopic radical gastrectomy for gastric cancer: a meta-analysis of propensity score-matched studies and randomized controlled trials. 
  • Efficacy and safety comparison between axillary lymph node dissection with no axillary surgery in patients with sentinel node-positive breast cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 
  • Efficacy of extended view totally extra peritoneal approach versus laparoscopic intraperitoneal on lay mesh plus for abdominal wall hernias: a single center preliminary retrospective study. 
  • Catheter-directed thrombolysis versus systemic anticoagulation in the treatment of symptomatic splanchnic venous thrombosis secondary to acute pancreatitis: a retrospective cohort study. 
  • Cytoreductive surgery offers prognostic benefits in metastatic gastrointestinal stromal tumors with generalized progression following imatinib therapy: a single institute retrospective study. 
  • Effectiveness and safety of self-pulling and latter transected reconstruction in totally laparoscopic total gastrectomy: a comparison with laparoscopic-assisted total gastrectomy. 
  • A prospective clinical study evaluating short-term changes in body composition and quality of life after gastrectomy in elderly patients receiving postoperative exercise and nutritional therapies. 
  • Liver functional assessment using time-associated change in the liver-to-spleen signal intensity ratio on enhanced magnetic resonance imaging: a retrospective study. 
  • Reconstruction using the colon or jejunum in patients with synchronous advanced esophageal and gastric cancers: a retrospective study from a single institutional database. 
  • Axillary skin crease incision versus conventional posterolateral incision in open repair of patent ductus arteriosus for extremely low birth weight infants: a retrospective study. 
  • Randomized, prospective, multicenter trial assessing the numen coil embolization system in the endovascular treatment of small intracranial aneurysms: outcomes from the CATCH Trial. 
  • Physiological stress level and screening for malnutrition as preoperative predictors of postoperative complications in pancreatic surgery: a retrospective study. 
  • A practical method for the retrieval of tulip-head polyaxial pedicle screw by reusing the rod in revision and implants removal surgery: introduction of technique and evaluation of clinical outcomes. 
  • Adjunctive hemoperfusion with Resin Hemoadsorption (HA) 330 cartridges improves outcomes in patients sustaining multiple Blunt Trauma: a prospective, quasi-experimental study. 
  • Efficacy of the polyglycolic acid sheet for preventing anastomotic leakage in double-stapling technique anastomosis for left-sided colon or rectal cancer surgery: a propensity score-matched study. 
  • Surgical management outcome and its associated factors among intestinal obstruction patients admitted to adult surgical ward of Wollega University Referral Hospital, Ethiopia. 
  • An elevated preoperative cholesterol-to-lymphocyte ratio predicts unfavourable outcomes in colorectal cancer liver metastasis patients receiving simultaneous resections: a retrospective study. 
  • Magnitude and predictors of unfavorable management outcome in surgically treated patients with intestinal obstruction in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 
  • Association between radical versus conservative surgery and short-term outcomes of hepatic cystic echinococcosis in Nyingchi, China: a retrospective cohort study. 
  • Comparative short-term and survival outcomes of three specimen extraction techniques in laparoscopic low rectal cancer surgery: does it affect ileostomy closure? 
  • Clinical significance of prognostic nutritional index (PNI)-monocyte-to-lymphocyte ratio (MLR)-platelet (PLT) score on postoperative outcomes in non-metastatic clear cell renal cell carcinoma. 
  • Prevalence and associated factors of postoperative orthostatic intolerance at University of Gondar Comprehensive Specialized Hospital, Northwest Ethiopia, 2022: cross sectional study. 
  • Effect of pneumovesicoscopic cohen surgery with adjustable suspension technique through the urethra on the treatment of primary vesicoureteral reflux disease in infants. 
  • Evaluation of the therapeutic effect of dressing containing Silver (Ag coat) in the process of healing skin blisters caused by limb fractures: a clinical trial study. 
  • The effectiveness of an online video-based group schema therapy in improvement of the cognitive emotion regulation strategies in women who have undergone bariatric surgery. 
  • Colectomy reconstruction for ulcerative colitis in Sweden and England: a multicenter prospective comparison between ileorectal anastomosis and ileal pouch-anal anastomosis after colectomy in patients with ulcerative colitis. (CRUISE-study). 
  • Characteristics and outcomes of patients with primary abdominopelvic aggressive angiomyxoma: a retrospective review of 12 consecutive cases from a sarcoma referral center. 
  • Comparison the treatment of anterior inferior tibiofibular ligament anatomical repair and syndesmosis screw fixation for syndesmotic injuries in ankle fracture. 
  • Comparison of the preventive effect of colchicine versus diphenhydramine, prednisolone, and a combination therapy on intraperitoneal adhesion bands: an experimental study in rats. 
  • A retrospective study on application of a classification criterion based on relative intervertebral tension in spinal fusion surgery for lumbar degenerative diseases. 
  • S-ketamine promotes postoperative recovery of gastrointestinal function and reduces postoperative pain in gynecological abdominal surgery patients: a randomized controlled trial. 
  • The efficacy of Ksharsutra, Fistulectomy and Ligation of Intersphincteric Fistula Tract (LIFT) procedure in management of Fistula in ano a prospective observational study. 
  • The cisplatin-induced acute kidney injury is a novel risk factor for postoperative complications in patients with esophageal cancer: a retrospective cohort study. 
  • Tracheostomy-related indications, early complications and their predictors among patients in low resource settings: a prospective cohort study in the pre-COVID-19 era. 
  • Stapler insertion angle toward the esophagus reduces the incidence of early postoperative Roux stasis syndrome after distal gastrectomy in minimally invasive surgery. 
  • The effect of sagittal alignment, coronal balance, and segmental stability on preoperative patient-reported outcomes in patients with degenerative lumbar spondylolisthesis. 
  • Preoperative risk factors predict perioperative allogenic blood transfusion in patients undergoing primary lung cancer resections: a retrospective cohort study from a high-volume thoracic surgery center. 
  • Morbidity and oncological outcomes after intersphincteric resection of the rectum for low-lying rectal cancer: experience of a single center in a lower-middle-income country. 
  • Does the intraoperative 3D-flat panel control of the planned implant position lead to an optimization and increased in safety in the anatomically demanding region C1/2? 
  • Potential short-term outcome advantage of low vs. high ligation of inferior mesenteric artery for sigmoid and rectal cancer: propensity score matching analysis. 
  • Transvaginal natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery versus conventional vaginal surgery for sacrospinous ligament fixation of apical compartment prolapse: a retrospective analysis. 
  • Comparison of purse-string suture versus over-the-scope clip for gastric endoscopic full-thickness closure: traction and leak pressure testing in ex vivo porcine model. 
  • Risk factors for early and late morbidity in patients with cardiovascular disease undergoing inguinal hernia repair with a tailored approach: a single-center cohort study. 
  • Subcuticular suture and incisional surgical-site infection in elective hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery: an open-label, pragmatic randomized clinical trial (CLOSKIN trial). 

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