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2016 - 38 (2)

  • In response to: 'Folic acid levels in some food staples in Ireland are on the decline: implications for passive folic acid intakes?' (Kelly et al. 2016;38(2):265-9). 
  • Evaluation of recruitment and selection for specialty training in public health: interim results of a prospective cohort study to measure the predictive validity of the selection process. 
  • Socio-demographic characteristics, lifestyle factors and burden of morbidity associated with self-reported hearing and vision impairments in older British community-dwelling men: a cross-sectional study. 
  • Older patients' prescriptions screening in the community pharmacy: development of the Ghent Older People's Prescriptions community Pharmacy Screening (GheOP��S) tool. 
  • Accuracy of clinician-clinical coder information handover following acute medical admissions: implication for using administrative datasets in clinical outcomes management. 

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Mission Statement: The Journal of Public Health focuses on current theory and practice within the whole spectrum of public health.