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2020 - 20 (1)

  • Perceptions of care after end-of-treatment among younger women with different gynecologic cancer diagnoses - a qualitative analysis of written responses submitted via a survey. 
  • Sexually transmitted infections related care-seeking behavior and associated factors among reproductive age women in Ethiopia: further analysis of the 2016 demographic and health survey. 
  • Are there associations between religious affiliation and drive for muscularity? A cross-sectional survey of young Muslim women, Christian women and atheist women from Germany. 
  • Spatial distribution and associated factors' of early marriage among reproductive age women in Ethiopia: a secondary data analysis of Ethiopian Demographic and Health Survey 2016. 
  • Female university students' preferences for different types of sexual relationships: implications for gender-based violence prevention programs and policies. 
  • Demand- and supply-side factors associated with the use of contraceptive methods in Pakistan: a comparative study of demographic and health surveys, 1990-2018. 
  • Screening test accuracy of portable devices that can be used to perform colposcopy for detecting CIN2+ in low- and middle-income countries: a systematic review and meta-analysis. 
  • Distribution of breast lesions diagnosed by cytology examination in symptomatic patients at Eritrean National Health Laboratory, Asmara, Eritrea: a retrospective study. 
  • "The best thing is that you are doing it for yourself" - perspectives on acceptability and feasibility of HPV self-sampling among cervical cancer screening clients in Tanzania: a qualitative pilot study. 
  • Associations between menopausal hormone therapy and sleep disturbance in women during the menopausal transition and post-menopause: data from the Norwegian prescription database and the HUNT study. 
  • Stool frequency and form and gastrointestinal symptoms differ by day of the menstrual cycle in healthy adult women taking oral contraceptives: a prospective observational study. 
  • Rare genital malformations in women's health research: sociodemographic, regional, and disease-related characteristics of patients with Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome. 
  • Services for women's sexual and reproductive health in India: an analysis of treatment-seeking for symptoms of reproductive tract infections in a nationally representative survey. 
  • Self-reported breast and cervical cancer screening practices among women in Ghana: predictive factors and reproductive health policy implications from the WHO study on global AGEing and adult health. 
  • Effectiveness and safety assessment of drospirenone/ethinyl estradiol tablet in treatment of PCOS patients: a single center, prospective, observational study. 
  • Age-dependent changes in anti-Müllerian hormone levels in Lebanese females: correlation with basal FSH and LH levels and LH/FSH ratio: a cross-sectional study. 
  • Knowledge, attitudes, and practices of cervical Cancer screening among HIV-positive and HIV-negative women participating in human papillomavirus screening in rural Zimbabwe. 
  • Long-term multidisciplinary treatment including proton therapy for a recurrent low-grade endometrial stromal sarcoma and pathologically prominent epithelial differentiation: an autopsy case report. 
  • Relationship of breastfeeding duration with joint pain and knee osteoarthritis in middle-aged Korean women: a cross-sectional study using the Korea National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. 
  • Feasibility and acceptability of using medical and nursing students to provide Implanon NXT at the community level in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. 
  • Prevalence and factors associated with early discontinuation rate of Implanon utilization among women who ever used Implanon in Kucha District Gamo Gofa Zone, Southern Ethiopia. 
  • Supporting women of childbearing age in the prevention and treatment of overweight and obesity: a scoping review of randomized control trials of behavioral interventions. 
  • "When my mother called me to say that the time of cutting had arrived, I just escaped to Belgium with my daughter": identifying turning points in the change of attitudes towards the practice of female genital mutilation among migrant women in Belgium. 
  • Successful conservative treatment for massive uterine bleeding with non-septic disseminated intravascular coagulation after termination of early pregnancy in a woman with huge adenomyosis: case report. 
  • Investigating the quality of family planning counselling as part of routine antenatal care and its effect on intended postpartum contraceptive method choice among women in Nepal. 
  • Association between factors related to the pregnancy, neonatal period, and later complications (especially asthma) and menarcheal age in a sample of Lebanese girls. 
  • Factors affecting cervical cancer screening uptake, visual inspection with acetic acid positivity and its predictors among women attending cervical cancer screening service in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 
  • Evaluating DREAMS HIV prevention interventions targeting adolescent girls and young women in high HIV prevalence districts in South Africa: protocol for a cross-sectional study. 
  • Age at first marriage, age at first sex, family size preferences, contraception and change in fertility among women in Uganda: analysis of the 2006-2016 period. 
  • Fear of childbirth, anxiety and depression in three groups of primiparous pregnant women not attending, irregularly attending and regularly attending childbirth preparation classes. 
  • Effects of vaginal administration of conjugated estrogens tablet on sexual function in postmenopausal women with sexual dysfunction: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial. 
  • Prognostic factors for future mental, physical and urogenital health and work ability in women, 45-55 years: a six-year prospective longitudinal cohort study. 
  • Effect of a postpartum family planning intervention on postpartum intrauterine device counseling and choice: evidence from a cluster-randomized trial in Tanzania. 
  • Dual contraception method utilization and associated factors among sexually active women on antiretroviral therapy in Gondar City, northwest, Ethiopia: a cross sectional study. 
  • Bridging different realities - a qualitative study on patients' experiences of preoperative care for benign hysterectomy and opportunistic salpingectomy in Sweden. 
  • Understanding individual, family and community perspectives on delaying early birth among adolescent girls: findings from a formative evaluation in rural Bangladesh. 
  • Medical termination for pregnancy in early first trimester (≤ 63 days) using combination of mifepristone and misoprostol or misoprostol alone: a systematic review. 
  • The effect of written information and counselling by an advanced practice nurse on resilience in women with vulvar neoplasia six months after surgical treatment and the influence of social support, recurrence, and age: a secondary analysis of a multicenter randomized controlled trial, WOMAN-PRO II. 
  • Socio-demographic characteristics and associated factors influencing cervical cancer screening among women attending in St. Paul's Teaching and Referral Hospital, Ethiopia. 
  • Prevalence of primary dysmenorrhea, its intensity, impact and associated factors among female students' at Gondar town preparatory school, Northwest Ethiopia. 
  • The effect of prenatal counseling on breastfeeding self-efficacy and frequency of breastfeeding problems in mothers with previous unsuccessful breastfeeding: a randomized controlled clinical trial. 
  • Comparative efficacy of statins, metformin, spironolactone and combined oral contraceptives in reducing testosterone levels in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a network meta-analysis of randomized clinical trials. 
  • Perspectives of pregnant and postpartum women and obstetric providers to promote healthy lifestyle in pregnancy and after delivery: a qualitative in-depth interview study. 
  • Factors associated with induced abortion among women of reproductive age attending selected health facilities in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a case control study. 
  • Factors influencing the use of modern contraceptive in Nigeria: a multilevel logistic analysis using linked data from performance monitoring and accountability 2020. 
  • Prevalence and determinants of modern contraceptive utilization among rural lactating mothers: findings from the primary health care project in two northwest Ethiopian districts. 
  • #Ihaveembraced: a pilot cross-sectional naturalistic evaluation of the documentary film Embrace and its potential associations with body image in adult women. 
  • 'Flower of the body': menstrual experiences and needs of young adolescent women with cerebral palsy in Bangladesh, and their mothers providing menstrual support. 

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