Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry

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From Journal of esthetic and restorative dentistry

2021 -

  • Long-term retention of lithium disilicate crowns with a current bioactive cement. 
  • Effect of mouth rinses on optical properties of CAD-CAM materials used for laminate veneers and crowns. 
  • A novel minimally-invasive approach for metal tattoo removal with Er:YAG laser. 
  • Predictable immediate implant placement and restoration in the esthetic zone. 
  • Aerosol and spatter mitigation in dentistry: Analysis of the effectiveness of 13 setups. 
  • A digital approach to robust and esthetic implant overdenture construction. 
  • A patient presentation: Planning and executing a difficult case in a full digital workflow. 
  • The esthetic biological contour concept for implant restoration emergence profile design. 
  • Dental software classification and dento-facial interdisciplinary planning platform. 
  • Dynamic navigation guided surgery and prosthetics for immediate loading of complete-arch restoration. 
  • Full-mouth adhesive rehabilitation of a severe case of erosion treated with v-shaped veneers. 
  • The peri-implant phenotype and implant esthetic complications. Contemporary overview. 
  • Soft tissue grafting with the tunnel technique in the mandibular anterior: Myths and realities. 
  • Mechanical testing of four-unit implant-supported prostheses with extensive pink gingiva porcelain: The dentogingival prostheses proof of concept. 
  • Immediate implant placement and loading in the esthetic area when the buccal socket wall is significantly damaged. 
  • Contemporary diagnosis and management of dental erosion. 
  • Quality in orthodontics: The role of customized appliances. 
  • Significance of immediate dentin sealing and flowable resin coating reinforcement for unfilled/lightly filled adhesive systems. 
  • 2D and 3D patient's representation of simulated restorative esthetic outcomes using different computer-aided design software programs: A systematic review. 
  • When to save or remove implants in the smile zone: A clinical report of maxillary lateral incisor implants in malposition. 

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