Current opinion in drug discovery & development

(ISSN: 1367-6733, 2040-3437)

Table of Contents

2005 - 8 (1)

  • Emerging applications of kinetic biomarkers in preclinical and clinical drug development. 
  • Approaches to the analysis of cell signaling networks and their application in drug discovery. 
  • In vivo zebrafish assays for toxicity testing. 
  • Drug delivery and in vitro models of the blood-brain barrier. 
  • In vitro ADME phenotyping in drug discovery: current challenges and future solutions. 
  • Prediction of pharmacokinetics and drug-drug interactions from in vitro metabolism data. 
  • Idiosyncratic toxicity: mechanistic insights gained from analysis of prior compounds. 
  • Predicting drug-drug interactions in drug discovery: where are we now and where are we going? 
  • Minimizing the potential for metabolic activation as an integral part of drug design. 
  • Immunological mechanisms of drug-induced liver injury. 
  • Recent uses of topological indices in the development of in silico ADMET models. 
  • In silico predictive toxicology: the state-of-the-art and strategies to predict human health effects. 
  • Editorial overview: safety/toxicity threshold concepts in drug discovery and development. 

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