Bipolar disorders

(ISSN: 1398-5647, 1399-5618)

Table of Contents

2021 - 23 (1)

  • Prevention of suicidal behavior in bipolar disorder. 
  • Novel mechanism of action for the mood stabilizer lithium. 
  • Sleep and circadian rhythm disruption is corrected by lithium in a case of bipolar disorder with familial BRCA1 mutation. 
  • Lithium: Weighing potential risks of nephrotoxicity against benefits. 
  • Lithium: The best current treatment for the well-informed bipolar patient. 
  • Back to basics- a UK perspective on "Make lithium great again" Malhi et al. 
  • Lithium stabilization and misunderstandings: Toward understanding why lithium is underutilized. 
  • Commentary: Lithium treatment for bipolar disorder. 
  • Is it all in my neck? - Bipolar disorder with mixed features and suicidal ideation related to thyrotoxicosis: A case report. 
  • Commentary on: "Make lithium great again!" 
  • Lithium in drinking water and suicide prevention: The largest nationwide epidemiological study from Japan. 
  • A skewed perspective - A reply to Kovvuru et al. 
  • A double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial of atorvastatin for nephrogenic diabetes insipidus in lithium users. 
  • A taxonomy of clinical response to mood stabilizers. 
  • Regulatory effect of lithium on hippocampal blood-brain barrier integrity in a rat model of depressive-like behavior. 
  • Management of lithium dosing around delivery: An observational study. 
  • Three recommendations for addressing the ongoing lithium underutilization crisis in bipolar disorder. 
  • Quantification of brain proton longitudinal relaxation (T1 ) in lithium-treated and lithium-naïve patients with bipolar disorder in comparison to healthy controls. 
  • Association between trace levels of lithium in drinking water and COVID-19-associated mortality. 
  • A tale of (glycogen synthase kinase) three: Lithium, the kidney and coronavirus disease 19. 

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