Bipolar disorders

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2021 -

  • ECT for A Pregnant Patient with Bipolar Disorder in the COVID-19 Era: A Clinical Conundrum. 
  • A digital self-report survey of mood for bipolar disorder. 
  • Hypomania Associated with High Dose Ketamine Treatment. 
  • Mood monitoring in bipolar disorder: Is it always helpful? 
  • Blue blocking glasses for the treatment of mania in an elderly patient: a case report with polysomnographic findings. 
  • Effects of a conventional mood stabilizer alone or in combination with second-generation antipsychotics on recurrence rate and discontinuation rate in bipolar I disorder in the maintenance phase: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized, placebo-controlled trials. 
  • Reduced White Matter Microstructure in Bipolar Disorder with and without Psychosis. 
  • Long-term lithium therapy and risk of chronic kidney disease in bipolar disorder: A historical cohort study. 
  • Bipolar Disorder and the Gut Microbiome: a Systematic Review. 
  • Is first episode mania associated with grey matter abnormalities? We are not sure! 
  • Lithium from breast-milk inhibits thyroid iodine uptake and hormone production, which are remedied by maternal iodine supplementation. 
  • The association between manic symptoms in adolescence and preschool symptoms: The importance of family history. 
  • Neural changes in youth at high risk for bipolar disorder undergoing family-focused therapy or psychoeducation. 
  • New analyses provide supportive evidence for specific genes related to bipolar disorder. 

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