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2019 -

  • Low-intensity shockwave therapy (LiST) for erectile dysfunction: a randomized clinical trial assessing the impact of energy flux density (EFD) and frequency of sessions. 
  • Commentary on posteroperative vaccuum therapy following AMS LGX 700 inflatable penile prosthesis placement: penile dimension outcomes and overall satisfaction : Is there a benefit to adjunctive vacuum therapy after penile prosthesis placement? 
  • Men with subjective premature ejaculation have a similar lognormal IELT distribution as men in the general male population and differ mathematically from males with lifelong premature ejaculation after an IELT of 1.5 minutes (Part 2). 
  • Use of a confirmed mathematical method for back-analysis of IELT distributions: ejaculation time differences between two continents and between continents and men with lifelong premature ejaculation (Part 1). 
  • "Aquabeam® System" for benign prostatic hyperplasia and LUTS: birth of a new era. A systematic review of functional and sexual outcome and adverse events of the technique. 
  • Evaluation of the effects of antioxidant treatment on sperm parameters and pregnancy rates in infertile patients after varicocelectomy: a randomized controlled trial. 
  • Differences between ICD-11 MMS and DSM-5 definition of premature ejaculation: a continuation of historical inadequacies and a source of serious misinterpretation by some European Regulatory Agencies (PART 2). 
  • Method and design of drug treatment research of subjective premature ejaculation in men differs from that of lifelong premature ejaculation in males: proposal for a new objective measure (part 1). 

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