Comprehensive Ophthalmology Update

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  • Current Concepts in the Management of Concomitant Exodeviations
    What is the latest thinking in the diagnosis and management of intermittent exotropia?
  • The White Dot Syndromes
    Learn more about the so-called white dot syndromes, a heterogeneous group of inflammatory disorders that affect the retina, the RPE, and the choroid.
  • Management of Unsuccessful LASIK Surgery
    LASIK surgery is a generally successful procedure, but what happens when it goes wrong? This article reviews the management of failed LASIK surgery.
  • Open Globe Management
    What is the current thinking on the assessment and management of open globe injuries?
  • LASIK and Dry Eye
    Dry eye is one of the most common complications of LASIK. This review examines the mechanisms that may cause or prevent it as well as its management once it develops.

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From Comprehensive Ophthalmology Update

2007 - 8 (5)

  • Review of sulfonamide-induced acute myopia and acute bilateral angle-closure glaucoma. 
  • Intravitreal pharmacotherapy: applications in retinal disease. 
  • Comments on: management of proliferative diabetic retinopathy. 
  • Management of proliferative diabetic retinopathy.