The American journal of managed care

(ISSN: 1088-0224, 1936-2692)

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From The American journal of managed care

2019 - 25 (11)

  • Multipayer primary care transformation: impact for Medicaid managed care beneficiaries. 
  • Prescribing trend of pioglitazone after safety warning release in Korea. 
  • Importance of reasons for stocking adult vaccines. 
  • CKD quality improvement intervention with PCMH integration: health plan results. 
  • Cost analysis of COPD exacerbations and cardiovascular events in SUMMIT. 
  • Medicare Advantage plan representatives' perspectives on Pay for Success. 
  • Comprehensive health management pharmacist-delivered model: impact on healthcare utilization and costs. 
  • Population health screenings for the prevention of chronic disease progression. 
  • Value assessment and heterogeneity: another side to the story. 
  • One size does not always fit all in value assessment. 
  • Multimodality cancer care and implications for episode-based payments in cancer. 

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