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From Environmental Health Perspectives

2023 - 131 (11)

  • Evaluating the Effect of Gestational Exposure to Perfluorohexane Sulfonate on Placental Development in Mice Combining Alternative Splicing and Gene Expression Analyses. 
  • Associations of Exposure to Air Pollution during the Male Programming Window and Mini-Puberty with Anogenital Distance and Penile Width at Birth and at 1 Year of Age in the Multicenter U.S. TIDES Cohort. 
  • Contrasting Health Outcomes following a Severe Smoke Episode and Ambient Air Pollution in Early Life: Findings from an Australian Data Linkage Cohort Study of Hospital Utilization. 
  • Quantifying Enteropathogen Contamination along Chicken Value Chains in Maputo, Mozambique: A Multidisciplinary and Mixed-Methods Approach to Identifying High Exposure Settings. 
  • Xenobiotic Exposure and Migraine-Associated Signaling: A Multimethod Experimental Study Exploring Cellular Assays in Combination with Ex Vivo and In Vivo Mouse Models. 

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Mission Statement: The mission of Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP), the journal of the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, is to serve as a forum for the discussion of the interrelationships between the environment and human health by publishing in a balanced and objective manner the best peer reviewed research and most current and credible news of the field.