Dermatologic therapy

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2019 -

  • Assessment of transcriptional activity genes associated with the IL-17 signaling pathway in skin fibroblasts under the influence of adalimumab. 
  • Nanodermatology-Based Solutions for Psoriasis: State-of-the Art and Future Prospects. 
  • Efficacy and safety of bFGF (basic Fibroblast Growth Factor) related Decapeptide Solution plus Tacrolimus 0.1% Ointment versus Tacrolimus 0.1% Ointment in the treatment of stable vitiligo. 
  • Topical glycopyrronium in Darier's disease. 
  • Biological therapy in genital psoriasis in women. 
  • Terbinafine: Safety profile and monitoring in treatment of dermatophyte infections. 
  • Patterns of response and acquired resistance to the PD-1 inhibitor pembrolizumab in stage III metastatic cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. 
  • X Interactive Course " Dermatologia Pediatrica del Mediterraneo ". 
  • Depression, Isotretinoin, and Folic acid: A practical review. 
  • A case of systematized verrucous epidermal nevus successfully treated with low dose acitretin. 
  • The 24-hr, 28-day, and 7-day post-moisturizing efficacy of ceramides 1, 3, 6-II containing moisturizing cream compared with hydrophilic cream on skin dryness and barrier disruption in senile xerosis treatment. 
  • Effects of family constellation seminars on itch in patients with atopic dermatitis and psoriasis: A patient preference controlled trial. 
  • Etiology and treatment of dandruff according to Persian medicine. 
  • Treatment of Demodex-Associated Inflammatory Skin Conditions: A Systematic Review. 
  • Bioactive: A new era of bioactive ingredients in topical formulations for inflammatory dermatoses. 
  • Immediate post-irradiation dermoscopic vascular changes versus purpura as a therapeutic endpoint in pulsed dye laser treatment of port wine stains. 
  • Real life experience on effectiveness and tolerability of topical ivermectin in papulopustular rosacea and anti-parasitic effect on Demodex mites. 
  • Platelet gel in wound treatment in patient with pemphigus vulgaris and type 2 diabetes mellitus: case report. 
  • Oral bicalutamide for female pattern hair loss: A pilot study. 
  • Combined intravenous pulse and topical corticosteroid therapy for severe alopecia areata in children: comparison of two regimens. 
  • Efficacy and Safety of Oral Silymarin in Comparison with Oral Doxycycline and their Combination Therapy in the Treatment of Acne Vulgaris. 
  • Self-administration of Icatibant in Acute Attacks of Type I Hereditary Angioedema: a Case Report and Review of Hereditary Angioedema. 
  • Adalimumab in severe plaque psoriasis of childhood: a multi-center, retrospective real-life study up to 52 weeks observation. 
  • One drug and two diseases: a case of multi-drug-resistant Hidradenitis Suppurativa and Psoriasis treated with apremilast. 
  • Intralesional vitamin D immunotherapy for recalcitrant molluscum contagiosum. 
  • Herpes Zoster in children: Evaluation of the sixty cases. 
  • Real-life approach and treatment of chronic urticaria in Argentina: A National Survey. 
  • How the globe celebrated World Vitiligo Day 2019. 
  • The efficacy of fractional ablative carbon dioxide laser combined with other therapies in acne scars. 
  • Venous malformation of the glans penis successfully treated with intralesional bleomycin injection. 
  • Steroid-resistant alopecia totalis in a child successfully treated with oral apremilast and platelet-rich plasma therapy. 
  • Severe cytopenia related with the concomitant use of imiquimod and hydroxyurea. 
  • The effect of Zanthoxylum bungeanum maxim extract on crow's feet: A double-blind, split-face trial. 
  • Treatment of refractory bullous pemphigoid with IFN-α-2b: A case report. 
  • Efficacy of 577-nm Pro-Yellow laser in port wine stain treatment. 
  • Effect of ethanolic extract of Melia dubia leaves on full-thickness cutaneous wounds in Wistar rats. 
  • Eczema of recipient and donor skin graft sites: Another example of "Ruocco's immunocompromised district". 
  • Oral propranolol as palliative treatment for a recurrent arteriovenous malformation. 
  • New therapeutic options in the management of superficial fungal diseases. 

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