Journal of wound care

(ISSN: 0969-0700)

Table of Contents

2021 - 30 (1)

  • Running with the devil: race against COVID-19. 
  • Silver-containing polysaccharide-based tricomponent antibacterial fibres for wound care applications. 
  • Evaluation of the combination of a biofilm-disrupting agent and negative pressure wound therapy: a case series. 
  • Hard-to-heal wounds: a randomised trial of an oral proline-containing supplement to aid repair. 
  • The clinical impact of hydroresponsive dressings in dynamic wound healing: Part I. 
  • Dressings for preventing pressure ulcers: how do they work? 
  • Isolated low toe-brachial index is associated with increased mortality and morbidity: a retrospective cohort study. 
  • Positron emission tomography study of effects of two pressure-relieving support surfaces on pressure ulcer development. 
  • Evaluating the sensitivity, specificity and clinical utility of algorithms of spatial variation in sub-epidermal moisture (SEM) for the diagnosis of deep and early-stage pressure-induced tissue damage. 
  • Evolution of the TcPO2 values following hyperoxygenated fatty acids emulsion application in patients with diabetic foot disease: results of a clinical trial. 
  • Supporting societies: a call to action. 
  • COVID: a symphony of science and society. 

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