Journal of Viral Hepatitis

(ISSN: 1352-0504, 1365-2893)

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From Journal of Viral Hepatitis

2018 - 25 (4)

  • Distribution of ABO/Rh blood groups and their association with hepatitis B virus infection in 3.8 million Chinese adults: A population-based cross-sectional study. 
  • Unconventional T cells in chronic hepatitis B patients on long-term suppressive therapy with tenofovir followed by a Peg-IFN add-on strategy: A randomized study. 
  • Elastogram quality assessment score in vibration-controlled transient elastography: Diagnostic performance compared to digital morphometric analysis of liver biopsy in chronic hepatitis C. 

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Mission Statement: The Journal of Viral Hepatitis is a bimonthly journal, publishing reviews, original work (full papers) and short rapid communications in the area of viral hepatitis.