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2020 - 269

  • P-cresol degradation through Fe(III)-EDDS/H2O2 Fenton-like reaction enhanced by manganese ion: Effect of pH and reaction mechanism. 
  • Value-added products from thermochemical treatments of contaminated e-waste plastics. 
  • Accountancy for intrinsic colloids on thorium solubility: The fractionation of soluble species and the characterization of solubility limiting phase. 
  • Synchronization of dehydration and phosphorous immobilization for river sediment by calcified polyferric sulfate pretreatment. 
  • Temporal-spatial dynamics of anthropogenic nitrogen inputs and hotspots in a large river basin. 
  • Suppression of arsenopyrite oxidation by microencapsulation using ferric-catecholate complexes and phosphate. 
  • Critical review of effluent dissolved organic nitrogen removal by soil/aquifer-based treatment systems. 
  • Silencing MdGH3-2/12 in apple reduces cadmium resistance via the regulation of AM colonization. 
  • Preferential and efficient degradation of phenolic pollutants with cooperative hydrogen-bond interactions in photocatalytic process. 
  • Anthropogenic and natural organohalogen compounds in melon-headed whales (Peponocephala electra) stranded along the Japanese coastal waters: Temporal trend analysis using archived samples in the environmental specimen bank (es-BANK). 
  • Sunlight-driven degradation of diethyl phthalate via magnetically modified biochar catalysts in water: Internal electron transfer mechanism. 
  • Efficient activation of peroxymonosulfate and degradation of Orange G in iron phosphide prepared by pickling waste liquor. 
  • Carcass decomposition influences the metabolic profiles and enriches noxious metabolites in different water types by widely targeted metabolomics. 
  • Electrochemical recovery of H2 and nutrients (N, P) from synthetic source separate urine water. 
  • MOFs-derived magnetic C@Cu-Ni bimetal particles: An efficient peroxymonosulfate activator for 2,4,6-trichlorophenol degradation. 
  • Cadmium exposure as a key risk factor for residents in a world large-scale barite mining district, southwestern China. 
  • The application status, development and future trend of nano-iron materials in anaerobic digestion system. 
  • Nanostructure and reactivity of soot particles from open burning of household solid waste. 
  • Optimizing lime pretreatment of rice straw for biolipid production using oleaginous microorganisms. 
  • Accumulation of vanadium and arsenic by cast iron pipe scales under drinking water conditions: A batch study. 
  • Combined fluorescent measurements, parallel factor analysis and GC-mass spectrometry in evaluating the photodegradation of PAHS in freshwater systems. 
  • Elevated lead levels in relation to low serum neuropeptide Y and adverse behavioral effects in preschool children with e-waste exposure. 
  • Interactive effects of increasing atmospheric CO2 and copper exposure on the growth and photosynthesis in the young sporophytes of Sargassum fusiforme (Phaeophyta). 
  • Overcoming multi-year impacts of maternal isotope signatures using multi-tracers and fast turnover tissues in juvenile sharks. 
  • Multiple stressors in Mediterranean coastal wetland ecosystems: Influence of salinity and an insecticide on zooplankton communities under different temperature conditions. 
  • Insight into the effect of surfactant modification on the versatile adsorption of titanate-based materials for cationic and anionic contaminants. 
  • The addition of degradable chelating agents enhances maize phytoremediation efficiency in Cd-contaminated soils. 
  • Assessment of the impacts of glyphosate and its commercial formulation Roundup® on the respiratory tree of the sea cucumber Holothuria forskali using a multivariate biomarker approach. 
  • Computational study of phosphate adsorption on Mg/Ca modified biochar structure in aqueous solution. 
  • Laboratory induced selection of pyriproxyfen resistance in Oxycarenus hyalinipennis Costa (Hemiptera: Lygaeidae): Cross-resistance potential, realized heritability, and fitness costs determination using age-stage, two-sex life table. 
  • Solar distillation of highly saline produced water using low-cost and high-performance carbon black and airlaid paper-based evaporator (CAPER). 
  • Kinetic removal of acetaminophen and phenacetin during LED-UV365 photolysis of persulfate system: Reactive oxygen species generation. 
  • Suppressed photocatalytic activity of ZnO based Core@Shell and RCore@Shell nanostructure incorporated in the cellulose nanofiber. 
  • Carbonaceous cathode materials for electro-Fenton technology: Mechanism, kinetics, recent advances, opportunities and challenges. 
  • Coexisting antibiotic changes the persistence and metabolic profile of atrazine in the environment. 

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