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The Liver Meeting 2023: American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD)

November 10 - 14, 2023; Boston, Massachusetts/Virtual

November 10 - 14, 2023 Boston, Massachusetts/Virtual
  • AASLD 2023 Low-Dose Aspirin Reduces Liver Fat, Inflammation Markers A single daily low dose of aspirin significantly reduced hepatic fat fraction and liver transaminase levels in a randomized trial in patients with metabolic-associated steatotic liver disease.
  • AASLD 2023 Weight-Loss Drugs Improve Liver Measures Too For patients who experienced rapid and significant weight reduction while taking an SGLT-2 inhibitor or a GLP-1 agonist, ALT values normalized, suggesting a beneficial effect on liver health.
  • AASLD 2023 MASLD, MASH Projected to Grow by 23% in the US Through 2050 A mathematical model forecasts a steady increase in liver disease burden, including a near doubling of liver cancers and a more than twofold increase in liver transplants.

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