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National Cancer Research Institute (NCRI) 2019 Cancer Conference

November 03 - 05, 2019; Glasgow, United Kingdom

November 03 - 05, 2019 Glasgow, United Kingdom

Conference News

  • NCRI 2019 Cancer Patients 'Deserve Choice of Medically Assisted Dying' Patient autonomy, choice and control, and the potential role of clinicians, are central to whether UK cancer patients should be allowed access to medically assisted dying, argue experts.
  • NCRI 2019 Final Frontier of AI in Clinical Diagnostics Getting Closer Artificial intelligence is already making significant improvements to clinical decision-making and cancer detection, according to UK data, even while the potential implications have yet to be fully realised.
  • NCRI 2019 Men With BRCA2 Should Be Screened for Prostate Cancer Updates to European prostate cancer guidelines are already being considered after a major study shows that men carrying mutations of the BRCA2 gene have an increased risk for the disease at an earlier age.
  • NCRI 2019 Simple Blood-based Cancer Tests Show Early Promise Patients with breast cancer or brain tumours could soon be diagnosed at a much earlier stage and potentially achieve better treatment outcomes if the promise of two UK studies holds true.
  • NCRI 2019 Could Home Test Replace 'Smear' for Cervical Screening? A small study shows that self-collected vaginal or urine samples can be used to detect precancerous cervical lesions, and could eventually replace the Pap 'smear' test.
  • NCRI 2019 Further Clues on Microbiome Link to Colorectal Cancer Two groups of researchers from Bristol not only identify a gut bacteria linked to an increased risk of colorectal cancer but also how the microbiome environment might promote metastasis.
  • NCRI 2019 CA125 Test Detects Far More Ovarian Cancer Cases Than Thought The thresholds for ovarian cancer detection in primary care with the CA125 blood test may need to be revised after UK researchers found it detects up to 20 times more cases than previously thought.
  • NCRI 2019 Liver Cancer Rates Tripled Over 20 Years in England Earlier diagnosis and the tackling of underlying risk factors are urgently needed if the dramatic increase in liver cancer and low cancer-specific treatment rates are to be reversed, say experts.

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