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Society for Endocrinology (SfE BES)

November 11 - 13, 2019; Brighton, UK

November 11 - 13, 2019 Brighton, UK

Conference News

  • SfE BES Nature vs Nurture: What's Fueling the Obesity Epidemic? In a lively debate on whether nature or nurture determines body weight, two experts set out their respective stalls on whether obesity is primarily genetic or the result of the modern environment.
  • SfE BES Questions Remain Over Thyroid Management in Pregnancy Although 1 in 200 women with fertility issues have overt thyroid dysfunction and many more subclinical hypothyroidism, it is unclear how best to identify or manage them, say UK researchers.
  • SfE BES Holistic, Patient-Centred Approach Needed to Tackle Obesity The individual's needs and goals should be a central part of obesity management, says UK expert, with a skilled multidisciplinary team helping to pick the right treatment for the right patient.
  • SfE BES GP Alerts Could Improve Hypothyroidism Management A simple system of alerts that leverages existing clinical tools could significantly improve hypothyroidism management in primary care, although 'alert fatigue' may be an issue, say UK researchers.
  • SfE BES Day Case Radioiodine for Thyroid Cancer Safe and Feasible Lower dose radioiodine ablation in thyroid cancer patients means a significant proportion could be treated as day cases, freeing up hospital beds and offering cost savings, suggest UK study findings.

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