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European Society of Cardiology Heart Failure (ESC-HF) 2018

May 26 - 29, 2018; Vienna, Austria

May 26 - 29, 2018 Vienna, Austria
  • ESC HF 2018 Heart Stim Device Boosts Function, Survival When CRT Isn't Option How it works was a puzzle to some, but exercise capacity, symptoms, hospitalization, and survival improved on cardiac contractility modulation therapy in patients with heart failure unsuitable for resynchronization in several new studies.
  • ESC HF 2018 Size Might Matter for CRT to Work in Narrow-QRS Heart Failure Should cardiac resynchronization therapy indications consider ventricular size with narrower QRS intervals? It's 'pretty bold' to suggest the guidelines might need revising, said an observer.
  • ESC HF 2018 Acute HF Treatment Paradigm Challenged by Nerve-Block Studies If fluid redistribution to the chest can drive acute decompensation, then volume overload often isn't the problem, and evidence of harm from intensive diuresis starts to make sense, says a researcher.

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