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Special Report: Impact of New
Travel Restrictions on Healthcare

June 5, 2017

Travel, Visa Changes: Concern for Rural Healthcare
Visa and travel restrictions concern prospective international medical residents as well as foreign-born healthcare professionals seeking employment. Rural areas could be especially affected.

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Concerns and Misconceptions About Foreign Nurses and Visas
A recent Medscape article on visa issues for Canadian nurses working in US border states generated many comments from nurse readers. Here is current information to clear up any misconceptions.

Travel Ban Sparks Worry, Opposition in Organized Medicine
The validity and application of the controversial executive order are now up in the legal air.

International Medical Graduates Critical to US Healthcare
International medical graduates are rigorously vetted and provide a third of primary care in the United States, especially in underserved areas.

New Trump Travel Ban Still Affects Foreign Medical Residents
Associations are trying to get feds to grant waivers so international medical graduates accepted in residency programs can come here; also, H-1B visa glitch threatens IMG residency grads.

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Editor's Note:

A court ruling in late May has only added to the uncertainty for international medical graduates and foreign-born healthcare workers confronting new travel and visa requirements. These changes are creating confusion and may potentially limit healthcare in rural areas, where millions rely on foreign-born and foreign-educated healthcare workers.