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Special Report: Should Doctors
Enter the Political Fray?

April 17, 2017

Should Doctors Enter the Political Fray?
As partisan divides around hot-button medical issues deepen, healthcare workers must decide how, if at all, to enter the political debate.

The March for Science—Personal Perspectives

Why I Am Going to the March for Science: One Doctor's Perspective
Dr Zackary Berger describes why he will be participating--with pride--in the upcoming March for Science.

Why This Scientist Won't Be Attending the 'Science March'
The March on Science is more focused on politics than science, a microbiologist argues.

The March for Science—Organization Perspectives

Why I Joined the ACC Political Action Committee
A trip to DC for the American College of Cardiology (ACC) scientific sessions prompted Dr Ronald Wharton to join the ACCPAC, because healthcare policy should not be left solely to career politicians.

Support Science: Endocrine Society Welcomes Marchers
Society President Dr Lynette Nieman explains why the organization is supporting the upcoming March for Science.

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