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Special Report: Campaign 2016-
Clintoncare or Trumpcare?

October 20, 2016

Campaign 2016 - Clintoncare or Trumpcare?
Dr Lundberg urges everyone to take a look at a new analysis that compares healthcare plans in Clinton and Trump administrations.

#VoteKids: AAP President Dreyer on Key Issues This Election
Dr Dreyer encourages pediatricians to keep kids safe and to #VoteKids.

More on Election 2016

Healthcare on the Line in Federal, State Elections
Clinton vs Trump, medical marijuana, prescription drug costs, physician-assisted suicide -- Americans will cast many votes affecting healthcare come November 8.

Trump, Clinton Clash Over Affordable Care Act
Healthcare momentarily bumps aside sex scandals in the second debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Seven Pillars of Trumpcare
Presidential candidate Donald Trump promises a healthcare plan that will reduce costs, improve quality, and increase access. Dr Jha argues that the healthcare people want may cost more than they like.

Clinton Outlines Health Plan in NEJM; Trump Declines
Clinton wants to modify the Affordable Care Act (ACA), while Trump wants it repealed. The candidates agree drug prices are prohibitive but diverge on how to make healthcare more affordable.

Where Does AAFP Stand on Gun Violence, Drug Prices, and Diversity?
The Congress of Delegates also voted last week in favor of allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices, but opposed taking a neutral stance on physician-assisted death.

Test Yourself!

Physician Politicians: Do You Know Who They Are?
Test yourself with our quiz about former and current physicians who just also happen to be politicians. Or is that politicians who happen to be physicians?

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Editor’s Note

Voting is always important but never more so than during this unprecedented election cycle. These changing times highlight the need for advocacy for patients and the healthcare professionals who care for them. Here are the issues you need to know to inform your vote.