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Special Report: SPRINT Trial -- Implications for Hypertension Management

November 20, 2015

SPRINT and BP Management: 'Groundbreaking' but Questions Remain
"If I had a patient with characteristics of SPRINT and they could tolerate the medication and were willing to go through more steps of titration, I'd want to try to get them to 120," said one expert.

Principal Investigator Interview

SPRINT Trial: Dr Paul Whelton Interviewed
Dr John Mandrola interviews the principal investigator of the late-breaking trial from the AHA on intensive vs standard management of hypertension.


Hypertension Management After SPRINT: Fast Forward or Pause?
Dr Clyde Yancy leads a panel discussion on the practice implications of the SPRINT findings suggesting a more stringent blood pressure target with Drs Bittner, Curtis, and O'Gara.

Putting SPRINT in Focus for Primary Care
Should primary care providers be changing the way they manage patients with hypertension, given the release of results from the much heralded SPRINT trial?

Reconciling SPRINT and ACCORD: Dr Marc Sabatine Interviewed
Dr Michelle O'Donoghue interviews Dr Marc Sabatine about the practice-changing SPRINT clinical trial from AHA.

Fast and Slow Thinking on the SPRINT Trial
Dr John Mandrola reflects on the SPRINT trial and the role of lifestyle, shared decision making, and patient selection, with comments from some outside experts.

Related News

SPRINT: Push BP Target Lower in High-CV-Risk HTN Patients
Full results of the much-anticipated trial have been released to a variety of expert opinions. Some are calling for updated hypertension guidelines, but exclusions and high adverse-event rates raise concern.

Extend SPRINT Results to Diabetics: New ACCORD Data
New results In the ACCORDION follow-up analysis to the seminal ACCORD trial support extending the benefits of intensive blood-pressure lowering to diabetic patients, the lead author says.

Before the AHA Presentation

Blood Pressure Affects VTE Too
Dr Goldhaber discusses some changes we may see in the incidence of MI, stroke, DVT, and PE if the medical community were to accept and adopt the new blood pressure targets studied in SPRINT.

SPRINT Hypertension Trial: Preliminary Results Discussed
Henry Black interviews William Cushman about the SPRINT hypertension trial which showed that reducing BP to 120 mm Hg prevented more deaths and CVD events than treating patients to current targets.

BP Targets Far Below Guidelines Cut Mortality, CV Events: SPRINT Trial
Stopped early for efficacy, the NIH-funded SPRINT trial showed that reducing blood pressure to 120 mm Hg prevented more deaths and CVD events than treating patients to recommended targets.

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Editor's Note

The American Heart Association Scientific Sessions in Orlando saw the formal presentation of the SPRINT trial. It was announced in September that the study comparing intensive vs standard blood pressure management in patients with hypertension and CV risk factors was stopped early for benefit. Since then, the clinical community has been eagerly awaiting more details. Our news and perspectives put context around the data that will likely be parsed for years to come.
- Tricia Ward, Editorial Director, | Medscape Cardiology