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Special Report: Social Media for Docs (and Dummies)

May 6, 2015


How I Use Social Media as a Family Physician
Dr Mike Sevilla shares three ways to use social media to increase your presence, improve your image, and provide better care.

Social Media Starter Kit and Managing Your Digital Reputation
Don't cheat, you can't delete, don't steal, and don't reveal are among the tips from Farris Timimi, medical director of Mayo Clinic's Social Media Center

Social Media-Savvy Cardiologists Discuss Tips and Pitfalls
Dr Melissa Walton-Shirley asks the panel about their Twitter and Facebook habits and hesitations.

Topol, Mama Doc on Social Media's Power, Vaccines, and Disease Prevention
'Mama Doc' Wendy Sue Swanson tells Eric Topol how she uses social media to expand her visits with patients and spread the word about the importance of vaccination.

Legal Pitfalls

Surprising Legal Dangers of 'Safe' Social Media
Your innocent-seeming posts or 'likes' on such sites as Facebook and LinkedIn can land you in legal hot water.

The Right Way to Fight Bad Online Reviews
With many patients searching doctor-rating and social networking Websites to choose a physician, a negative review can harm your practice. An expert in online reputation management offers advice.


Social Media Use in Diabetes: A Fad, or Here to Stay?
Doctors and nurses active on social media discussed the benefits of this engagement at the recent Diabetes UK Professional Conference.

Guidelines for Social Media Use Released by ACOG
It is one of first specialty societies to do so, and the legal risks for online activities are a prominent feature of the guidelines.


Social Media Guidelines and Best Practices
Do residents know how to blog and 'friend' wisely? These guidelines can help your institution avoid social media misuse.

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Editor's Note

Even if you don't tweet, you need to know how social media works and how it can affect your practice for the good and the bad. We've compiled some of our perspectives on the topic so you can learn the ropes and the dos and don'ts.
- Tricia Ward, Editorial Director, | Medscape Cardiology